Rain at Last!

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Finally, after two months with very little rain, the weather has broken and the middle catchment received 18mm in a 24hour period on top of 6mm in the previous 24hour period. That led to the Ayr, Lugar and all the tributary burns coming into spate and giving the river a good clear out. The algae […]

The Brown Trout season ends

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Just a wee reminder that today is the last official day of the brown trout season wherever you are in the UK. Local rules may apply with club waters but none over rule the official closed period for brown trout angling. It reopens on the 15th March 2019.

Fly Through Video

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This video was shot in the middle river at Barskimming. It allows viewers to see the river from a completely different perspective. More beats will be filmed as time allows and the intention is to use this to identify and highlight where improvements can be made. Ayrshire Rivers Trust can be contacted should anyone want […]

Written permission

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The bailiffs have asked the Board to remind anglers that they must be able to provide written permission if asked when on the river. The Law states clearly that anyone fishing for salmon must carry written permission and produce it when requested by a warranted bailiff. Clubs may also require written permission to be produce […]

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