Smolt run is underway and as usual, we need rain

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As often happens, we come through winter when it rarely ceases to rain and as soon as our smolt run starts, the rain stops, the rivers drop and smolts become vulnerable and slow moving in ever shallowing pools. The first 3 months of 2020 were wet, incessantly wet with almost 500mm of rain falling in […]

Bywash upgraded at Catrine

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The long awaited upgrade to the bywash at Catrine Dam was completed a couple of weeks ago just in time for the anticipated smolt run. This new bywash will function along with the old one that didn’t appear to be particularly attractive to smolts migrating downstream in anything but low flows. Hopefully now there will be […]

Smolt migration improvements underway at Catrine

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Good news is that the work required at Catrine to improve smolt passage is underway. The Board and ART pressed SEPA to require Catrine Community Renewables to make improvements at Catrine Dam since the scheme was commissioned and while some alterations were made, smolts were still prone to delays in 2019. The original installed bywash […]

Catch returns from 2019 UPDATED

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The reported catches from all Ayr and Lugar waters are as below: 44 salmon killed, 163 released making a total reported catch of 207 9 sea trout were reported and all were returned.   Missing catch data from 4 influential clubs within the catchment – Muirkirk, Tarbolton, Annbank and Ayr. This doesn’t help and it […]

Mandatory Conservation Measures for 2020

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The Board would like to make all owners, clubs and anglers aware that the entire River Ayr catchment has been designated a ‘Category 3’ river for the 2020 season and mandatory catch and release for all salmon will be required. These conservation measures are  a statutory instrument and  the Conservation of Salmon (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2019 […]