The River Ayr District Salmon Fishery Board manages the protection, enhancement and conservation of the Atlantic salmon and sea trout stocks in the River Ayr. It also has a duty to ensure the general protection and enhancement of the fishery. The Board are a statutorily empowered body and should be consulted on matters affecting the river and fishery.

The Board members are elected at the Triennium Meeting and AGM every 3 years.

The current Board was elected on the 5th April 2022

Board Members

  • Allan Hill (Chair) (representing Barskimming Estate Fishings, Woodside of Failford, Stairaird, Stairhill, Davidson, Stair House)
  • Max Stobbs (representing Mauchline and Ballochmyle Angling Club)
  • Robin Wilson (representing Ladykirk Angling Club)
  • Nick Wright (representing Sorn Castle Estate, Crown Estate, Dalblair Estate, Princess Foundation & Dumfries House Water)
  • Ian Walker (representing Cumnock Angling Association)
  • Alex Reid (representing Cumnock Angling Association)


Stuart Brabbs (Ayrshire Rivers Trust – senior biologist and Trust manager) 01290 518130
Forbes Watson (Clerk to the DSFB)

District Salmon Fishery Board Administrators – Ayrshire Rivers Trust – Braeside, Burnbrae Lodge, Near Mauchline, Ayrshire KA5 5HE

Aims Of The Board

  • To set and collect fishing levies from proprietors and tenants to allow effective management of the river by those appointed to the District Salmon Fishery Board
  • Provide fishery protection
  • Police the purchase and sale of illegally caught and unseasonable fish
  • Improve fish passage over man made obstructions and barriers
  • Protect juvenile fish and spawning redds
  • Reverse the trend in the decline of adult Atlantic salmon by implementing policies that safeguard and enhance the natural spawning stock and the freshwater habitat
  • Conduct habitat, population and migration assessments to guide management strategies
  • Encourage good conservation policies to stop over exploitation of salmon
  • Conserve and establish sustainable fisheries for the River Ayr
  • Extend fishery awareness
  • To ensure anglers are aware and abide by Scottish government Conservation Measures
  • To find ways to improve the Conservation status of salmon stocks within the catchment whilst meeting necessary government requirements
  • To provide comment and advice to those seeking assistance on all fishery related matters

Minutes of Meetings

  • River Ayr DSFB Meeting Minutes Aug 2022
  • River Ayr DSFB Meeting Minutes Jul 2022

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