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The upper reaches on both the Ayr and Lugar are reporting numbers of salmon in pools up and down the beats. Middle and Lower beats are still reporting good numbers of fish.

Please remember to send in pictures of your catches with as much detail as possible and we can put them on the website.

Just a quick reminder.  Eels are a protected species and if encountered must be returned unharmed, last year bailiff’s found several eels hanging from trees on the upper reaches of the Ayr.

Tight lines

Bailiff coordinator.

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  1. stevie says:

    hi just a wee question was talking to a bailiff today who gave me this website ,I was asking him why is there a limited amount of coverage on the river as I have never seen anyone this year on the river compared to last year when plenty activity ,what he said to me was alarming ,then I replied to him that this is the worst bailiffs team that’s ever been on the river ayr no disrespect to the bailiffs whom I have admiration for but it seem up the the head bailiff to motivate his team ,then we might see some more coverage on the rivers which is happening at this moment in time a believe I speak for all the anglers on the system when I’m asking this so what is going to happen about this we wait in anticipation

    • Admin 1 says:

      I’m sorry you haven’t thought to contact the head bailiff with your comments before posting ill informed hearsay about a man who does his level best to keep the bailiffs motivated and operating in a professional way. You didn’t say what the bailiff said that caused you to form this opinion but I can assure you he doesn’t speak for the bailiff team. Every single bailiff on the system is encouraged to be out on the water as often as possible. They all know there are vehicles and equipment provided by the DSFB to do the job and all are trained to IFM standards of professionalism. If bailiffs aren’t out, it is normally due to their own family or work commitments which, as they are all volunteers, is understandable.
      However, let me be clear on the issue you raised; if a bailiff is moaning about something, he doesn’t represent the rest of the team’s views and he should talk to his gaffer and not you about it. As everyone knows, keeping volunteers happy all the time can be a tricky, nigh on impossible task. Volunteer bailiffs are no exception (on any river).
      I have respect for each and every bailiff in the team and the head bailiff. They all do a great job for the anglers and fish for little or no thanks but if someone out there is unhappy, they should at least speak to those concerned and not moan to an angler. It isn’t fair on the rest of the team and misrepresents those involved. Unless they are willing to stand up and say their piece, they should shut up and get on with it, or get off the team. Harsh words? No, but an honest opinion clearly stated.
      As ever, volunteer bailiffs are hard to find but the Board will be happy to consider anyone who can match up to the required standards.
      Admin 1

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