Nae Water

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Despite the weather forecast warning of heavy rain this weekend, there hasn’t been much and nowhere near enough to freshen the river or bring the fish in from the bay.

I took a quick trip to Catrine today  just to see if there was any rise at all. I’m always amazed at the level of interest that the modifications attract. Two Sorn anglers spent 5 minutes discussing things with me before heading on their way but they were broadly supportive of the work that has gone on and can see the benefits for the fish. I went to take the usual photo of the newly modified Anderson’s leap as I build up a record of flow patterns in all heights of water. There were two more people there beside the dam looking and discussing the works in some depth. I can’t help thinking that the fence around the fish pass is inadequate.

The fish pass at Anderson's os generating considerable interest these days.

The fish pass at Anderson’s is generating considerable interest these days.

I know the vast majority of people interested in the works and for that matter the fish are genuine anglers but I hope those with less honourable intentions know that the bailiffs will be active throughout the season and will prosecute anyone found to be involved in the taking or attempting to take salmon illegally. The fish pass and the structure in the photo above all fall under the fish pass regulations as detailed within the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 2003 as amended.

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  1. david says:

    why is there a pic of me nd ma son on this what are us getting at ??

    • Admin 1 says:

      David, thanks for your question. The picture highlights the interest shown by many anglers at the works that’s going on at Catrine as detailed within the text. The only point that really can be made is that the fence surrounding the fish pass complex is inadequate and there is a risk that someone could fall in, to their severe injury or possibly even death. The fact that two members of the public were standing within the fence clearly illustrated this. The board has campaigned hard to have the fish ladder screened and the fence improved if possible to reduce the risks to members of the public and to prevent poaching.
      There has been great interest in the work and the Board will continue to report regularly of all activity on the site and progress made by the contractors. Hopefully once complete, the fish will be able to move through the dams quickly and safely.

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