Another busy day for bailiffs

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More challenges faced by bailiffs.

Whilst on patrol bailiffs discovered man made structures in the upper reaches.  These are a new addition to the  system.  The question routinely asked is this an attempt to improve resting places for migrating fish or something more sinister?

gravel bed croy 2

The fact of the matter is it is unlawful to add structures to the system without the correct licences in place.   These structures are placed in the system to facilitate poaching and for that reason bailiffs will dismantle the structures.


croy 3


gravel bed croy


If anglers see these structures appearing or being built on the system please report them to bailiffs as soon as possible.


Bailiff coordinator





7 Responses to "Another busy day for bailiffs"
  1. Bailiff Coordinator says:

    Bailiff’s have spent a lot of time dismantling the croys shown above and several more all in the Cumnock stretch of the Lugar. Unfortunately this task takes them away from patrolling other parts of the system. This is a task that few will realise the bailiff’s undertake. Each croy could contain several tons of material to be moved by hand.

  2. Jimmy Mair says:

    Bailiffs have enough to do patrolling the river at all hours, some of you may know that on the Irvine at Laigh Milton Mill last year dams and sub dams were built by poachers, all of the local angling clubs helped remove these dams in one day, so even if it takes someone in the local clubs to co-ordinate it, destroying these croys and other obstacles can be achieved without relying on a busy bailiffing team.

    • Admin 1 says:

      You make a fair point there Jimmy. If all clubs were to improve their policing of there own beats, some of the problems that bailiffs have to deal with would be halved. Keep up the good work on the Irvine.

  3. ian radburn says:

    should contact the club who rents the beat and tell them to dismantle the croys bailiffs have enough to do. and when the salmon come they will be run off there feet
    the problem is no body want,s to know no such a thing now as a club bailiff .
    left to board bailiff,s to cover all of the river with little manpower and no help from the club,s

  4. Bailiff Coordinator says:

    The club was contacted by the Bailiff Coordinator to ask if the club could or would assist. Unfortunately no reply was received. Having spoken to a club representative since, it was disappointing to hear that the club official concerned did receive the request but does not see croys and dams as a problem, yet the same club has been critical of bailiff activity. Fortunately the legislation is clear. I will not accept criticism of bailiffs from individuals or clubs that seem to think bailiffs are there to look after their club water, if individuals or clubs are expecting that kind of service from the bailiffs then they should be fishing a river that has the resources and financial ability to do so but from experience they will be paying four or five times the cost of the season ticket on any Ayrshire beat for one days fishing, RADSFB bailiffs have a statute responsibility to the crown and answer to the board, they are not workers that clubs can use and abuse as they see fit!!! People need to realise that bailiffs are volunteers and give up their time to do a thankless task. You are quite correct, the bailiffs are extremely busy now that the fish have arrived in numbers and croys and dams just add to the workload and take us away from what we should be doing. As always if clubs or individuals have concerns they can contact the bailiffs by email or phone both of which are detailed on this site, we are here to help, also if any clubs or individuals want to join the efforts of the bailiffs please get in touch.

  5. ian radburn says:

    croys are a problem they are designed to channel fish into a narrower area where they can be foul hooked or even netted. in the past we dismantled our fare share up and down the river whilst doing that other parts of the river was not being patrolled
    it was always the upper reaches that was the problem

    • Bailiff Coordinator says:

      I agree, as you know our current bailiffs have spent a huge amount of time dismantling them and as you rightly say mostly on the upper reaches. I wish all individuals and clubs appreciated the problems these structures cause and the reasons they are put into the system by some individuals, if they did, they may not accept it as the normal or even assist us to dismantle them.
      Bailiffs will always do their best with the time they have available.
      There is nothing more that can be said on the subject really.

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