Trout Migration

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A trout migrating upstream to spawn

Ayrshire Rivers Trust recently filmed trout migrating up a burn near Catrine ahead of spawning. Some of these fish may well be sea trout.

Often clubs call for trout stocking to attract new members. This video shows that there are excellent quality trout in the middle river and plenty of them too. While they aren’t salmon, the Board was encouraged to see this short film as it indicates that among other things, water quality is adequately good to support these fish in the middle river and if it is good for trout, then more than likely it is good for salmon too. Despite some diffuse pollution issues that remain, we are informed by the Trust that the water quality in the river is improving.

Plans to improve fish passage into Bogend Burn at Catrine have taken a set back but will hopefully be resolved soon. Once the fish can access this burn, it will drive water quality improvements where they are much needed. Imagine if the Bogend Burn was opened up and accessible for both salmon and trout. The numbers seen in this video clip may be replicated there too in time.

Here’s a link to the video published by Stuart Brabbs from ART.


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