Glaisnock Fish Pass

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Clearing a few stones from an entrance/spillway

Over a year has passed since the Glaisnock fish pass was completed at the A76 road culverts.

There have been many moans and groans about this but the fish pass is functional and there’s nothing to stop trout and salmon going through it if they want to. Ayrshire Rivers Trust staff checked the fish pass today and ensured the entrance was clear. Apart from a build up of gravel within the bottom end of the pass, there was everything a trout or salmon required to go through.

There’s a good flow around and over the baffles and these provide both depth and a resting point for fish too

Looking downstream over the lower baffles

The lower section of the fish pass. This culvert is 50m long and was impassible to migratoray species until a year ago when ART encouraged and persuaded Scotland Transerve to improve the situation.

Hopefully ART will soon find juvenile salmon within the burn during their surveys. That ultimately would prove that connectivity has been restored. One remaining issue may be access into the burn from the Lugar and ART may consider the possibility of adding a few baffles in this area to improve migration.

A concrete ramp at the bottom of the glaisnock where it meets the Lugar. Tis may be improved by adding a few baffles

Should the build up of gravel ever get to the stage it may prevent fish from moving through the fish pass, then ART will contact Scotland Transerve and request action to clear it but they don’t think this will be required.


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