Slurry incident on the Fail

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Ayrshire Rivers Trust received a call at lunchtime today about foam on the Water of Fail at Failford. Two members of staff were diverted to investigate.

ART  determined it was slurry and reported the incident to SEPA with rough directions to the source of the pollution.  About an hour later, ART and SEPA met up and pinpointed the source and SEPA were left to carry on their investigation and take water samples.

The source of the pollution. Thick slurry coats the bed of the burn (Photo copyright retained by Ayrshire Rivers Trust)

There appears to have been a significant quantity of slurry released (presumably accidentally) into the upper Water of Fail. It is likely this happened yesterday as it takes some time in low flows for pollution to reach the Ayr some 10Km downstream. Few fish survive in the Fail due to similar pollution events over the years no dead or dying fish were found despite ART staff searching.

10km downstream of the pollution source and slurry was obvious below the road bridge in Failford. (Photo copyright retained by Ayrshire Rivers Trust)


Polluted water entering the river Ayr at Failford  (Photo copyright retained by Ayrshire Rivers Trust) 

The Board are please that ART and SEPA responded so quickly. It is however disheartening for those working to improve our fishing and river to see such incidents happening when in reality, this is just a symptom of poor practice from either a landowner or agricultural contractor (or both).

Report pollution when you see it to SEPA by calling the local office or their 24hour emergency line (available on their web site). They are there to help. You can also call ART on 01292 737300 who will always attend reported incidents.

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