Catrine Fish Pass

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Most will be aware that work has been continuing in an effort to improve fish passage over the obstructions at Catrine.  It is well known that the fish pass as it was never operated as effectively as it should or could.  Ayrshire Rivers Trust have been working hard over the last two years in an effort to get as much improvement with the pass as possible within the constraints of the Catrine Community Trust budget.  The latest issue identified was that during a spate the water that ran over the dam was deposited adjacent to the fish pass entry, this was causing a problem as the fish were then being distracted from the fish pass entry and attempted to follow the heaviest flow which was coming over the dam.  Adjustments have been made by way of a deflection plate as shown in the pictures below in an effort to direct the water away from the fish pass entrance.  This is being monitored for us by Ayrshire Rivers Trust who in turn report back to SEPA, the board and of course Catrine Community Trust to make further improvements.

Further reading is available on Ayrshire Rivers Trust own website by following the link below.

Catrine fish pass

The pictures below are courtesy of Ayrshire Rivers Trust.

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