Poachers apprehended

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Two Glasgow men were apprehended by bailiffs at Nethermills in Ayr fishing without written permission on Saturday. They were observed to be fishing illegally with raking gear and police attended. Their equipment was confiscated and the matter now lies with the procurator fiscal. They were fishing from the dams at Dam Park which is prohibited.

We will now have to wait and see the outcome and whether the case goes to court.



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  1. concerned angler says:

    well done for catching the poachers .but I would like to add something to this I have been fishing on the ayr from the start of the season and have yet to encounter a bailiff on the system either there not there or they are blending in with the surroundings it would be very interesting to hear from other fishermen if they have seen any bailiffs this season on any part of the river ,not disrespecting bailiffs in any aspect but feel like we the clubs that pay rates to the board to pay for the bailiffs to do a job that we aren’t getting any activity on the system ,that to me and other anglers is bad as the poachers will be having a field day ,so lets have the bailiffs on the river and be seen so this hopefully will deter the illegal taken of migratory fish last season we had great bailiff activity and on a regular basis so lets have the same again yours a very concerned angler

    • Admin 1 says:

      Bailiffs are on the river but can’t be everywhere at once. They tend to operate in areas where they have concerns or know of illegal activity. Despite not being seen, they are out and about and their track record in the last 2 years should offer some comfort as the prosecutions they have ached testifies.
      Remember also that the Board doesn’t pay bailiffs but provides enough funds for two vehicles and necessary equipment. The bailiffs have other jobs and can’t be everywhere at once. If Clubs want a greater presence than they have to be prepared to pay more to cover this and from what the Board hears, none are willing to do this. The Ayr is the only Board run river in Ayrshire that provides vehicles and the level of equipment that our beliefs have so all credit to the board for this and to the volunteer bailiffs for doing the job.

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