Killing of unseasonable fish

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Here is a link to a web blog from the River Annan regarding the taking of backend fish. There are lessons to be learnt from this incident and anglers should be aware that they must take into account the condition of any fish they catch before they kill it. Bear in mind that the Wild Fisheries Review recommendation that all wild salmon should be returned alive after capture  may become Law should the Scottish Government decide to take this forwards and this is partly based on anglers unwillingness to self regulate and return fish. Please think carefully before killing any salmon.

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  1. Bailiff Coordinator says:

    Anglers on the system please take note of this post. River Ayr bailiff’s will seize unseasonable fish and follow up the actions of individuals as required. The legislation surrounding this issue is clear and where appropriate action will be taken against offenders.

    The majority of anglers now realise that behavior that was once acceptable is no longer sustainable or responsible and are now returning unseasonable fish. There are still some that continue to kill coloured fish and these people are jeopardising access to salmon fishing for all. The statements and recommendations made in the wild fisheries review are easy for all to understand and difficult to ignore, if however it is ignored then the outcomes are all but written in stone.

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