Rain at Last!

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Finally, after two months with very little rain, the weather has broken and the middle catchment received 18mm in a 24hour period on top of 6mm in the previous 24hour period. That led to the Ayr, Lugar and all the tributary burns coming into spate and giving the river a good clear out. The algae […]

Giant Hogweed Control

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Those who have fished the River Ayr over the last 15 – 20 years, can’t help but notice the decline in Giant Hogweed on the river since 2008 when Ayrshire Rivers Trust first started controlling this plant. Giant Hogweed is a non native and invasive species that out competes native species to the detriment of […]

Smolts in slow motion

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Here’s a link to a slow motion video shot at Catrine as smolts were rising in the lade. While this is an appreciation of the agility and athleticism of smolts (juvenile salmon) the video highlights one of the main problems facing smolt emigration from the River Ayr when they become drawn into an artificial lade. […]

An update of the situation facing smolts at Catrine

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On the Ayr at Catrine where there has been severe problems for smolts migrating to sea over the last 3 years, we are again seeing smolts within the lade between penstock and screens and an occasion fish trapped in the voes. Hopefully the problem areas where smolts accessed the voes through the screens have been […]

More details of smolts at Catrine

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ART had  a frank discussion with SEPA today over arrangements at Catrine to allow smolt migration. SEPA attended this morning and witnessed a few smolts (12-15) entering the by-wash chamber with most eventually going downstream back to the river. They are of the opinion that there’s no evidence to suggest that the current arrangements aren’t […]