Written permission

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The bailiffs have asked the Board to remind anglers that they must be able to provide written permission if asked when on the river. The Law states clearly that anyone fishing for salmon must carry written permission and produce it when requested by a warranted bailiff. Clubs may also require written permission to be produce when requested by any legitimate angler.

With the River now being a ‘category 3 river’ and mandatory catch and release is required, Clubs have reported reduced numbers of anglers purchasing permits. Bailiffs are concern that this may lead to ‘anglers’ just taking a chance and fishing without written permission on their local waters. This week alone, several anglers have been cautioned for fishing without permission. Bailiffs will enforce the Law and being caught fishing without written permission is likely to lead to a prosecution and conviction for poaching. The knock on effect of that could see anyone that has a conviction for poaching being refused membership and fishing from all Club waters in future. It’s not worth the risk. If you don’t have your permit, get one now and support your local club and Board.

Bailiffs also ask that anglers be reminded that under no circumstances should anyone kill or take a salmon from the River Ayr or Lugar. Anyone caught with a wild salmon in their possession with be prosecuted.

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