Himalayan Balsam discovered in the Ayr catchment.

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I’ve copied a link to ART’s web site where they reported yesterday that biologists had discovered Himalayan Balsam in the Kerse Burn on the Coyle catchment. Unless this is dealt with immediately, it seems that they fear it will rapidly spread out of control. All anglers must now familiarise themselves with the plant and learn what to do if they see it. All the necessary information relating to this plant can be found on ART”s web site. Please take the time to find out more. This plant is a nuisance on every other Ayrshire river. Once established, it may be impossible to eradicate it.

Follow this link for more details on what ART have to say about it. http://www.ayrshireriverstrust.org/blog/2014/07/29/himalayan-balsam-discovered-in-the-ayr-catchment/


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