Bio-security and fisheries

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In light of the disease outbreak that forced a local fishery to shut until the problem is rectified, we are keen to see all fisheries (river and still-waters) operating in Ayrshire improve bio security measures at their waters. As a simple precautionary measure, all fisheries should have a dipping tank in place for disinfecting nets and boots when anglers arrive and leave. Any equipment that isn’t air dried between use should also be disinfected , such as reels and lines. Ideally a 1% solution of Virkon Aquatic should be freshly prepared and used. Once the colour starts to fade from the solution after a few days, it should be replaced. The Trust staff have been disinfecting equipment between rivers for several years by spraying but last year we introduced our own dipping tank to allow full immersion for at least 15 minutes as this is believed to be most effective. There is a cost to this but a small one and anglers appear to support these efforts.

Any fishery needing advice or equipment, please get in touch and we will do what we can to help. We can supply the chemical in bulk form (10Kg tubs of powder) as this is the most cost effective way to mix the disinfectant. This dipping procedure has been adopted widely in Ireland where the ‘no dip, no fish‘ rule applies.

We were netting to collect a sample of trout for the fish Health Inspectorate from a fishery that currently is closed due to a disease outbreak.  The equipment used was totally immersed for over 1 hour to ensure that we don’t transfer infection between fisheries, then washed in clean water. The net will now be air dried before being put back into storage until the next time it is required. Although this process adds a bit of time to our day, it is absolutely essential to ensure we aren’t responsible for cross contamination outbreaks. Every fishery should consider doing the same.

Thorough decontamination of our equipment is essential.

Thorough decontamination of our equipment is essential.


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